Our program combines summer classes with after-school programs for middle and high school students. Students are divided into age groups, and as they move through the program, they take more targeted classes with added learning opportunities and potential projects.

Much like college, The Bridge Tech classes combine hands-on learning and classroom teaching. Students spend 65 percent of their time in technology-based curriculum courses. The remaining 35 percent is spent developing skills such as team building and communication. Major local industries are partnering with us to bring real industry scenarios to our students, who have an opportunity to build a solution for these companies.

The Bridge Tech is not a daycare program. When a student graduates from our program, he/she will have the skills necessary to join the workforce or begin a college experience ahead of the game. After students spend several years learning under us, they will be fully prepared to take an industry certification — and we will pay their exam fee.

How are students selected?
  • A student’s determination, willingness to learn and grade level will be taken into account when selecting students to join The Bridge Tech program.
  • Students go through an interview process and are chosen by a selection committee.

Where are classes held?
  • In the historic West End district of downtown Greenville, S.C.
  • During the school year, The Bridge Tech’s after-school program is held in several local high schools as well as at our facility.